Being easy to find on the Web is crucial for a company’s success. A professional website is a good base for reaching your potential customers, the target group. Expected results are good sales, good customer relationship, optimized communication, and ultimately lead to more clients and better profit.

professional website SEO-complete € 975!


uNICqsolution would like to make that professional website for you, but is also doing a lot more! Taking advantage of wide international experience in customer service, tourism and hospitality and multiple marketing & ICT studies, uNICqsolution co-operates WITH you to determine the actual purpose of the website and how to establish the best results.

The way in which you promote, determines brand awareness and reputation. This trend has to match the style, feeling and sense of your company. Good content, (flawless) texts, beautiful graphics and attractive design are important to create a user-friendly website. uNICqsolution’s knowledge of UX (user experience), CX (customer experience) and SEO (search engine optimization) is useful for this purpose.

So, even if you know NOTHING about the Web, network or websites. Or you just don’t want to spend time on that besides your business affairs, uNICqsolution takes the lead and together we’ll come to an excellent result, a fantastic website that matches your highest expectations. Web hosting and maintenance are in good hands too, if you let uNICqsolution arrange it for you.

Contact uNICqsolution and we’ll work it all out!