Solid web hosting is important for your website to function optimally. Web hosting basically means: controlling storage, memory and computing power on a server that is located at a data center. The web host ensures your website & mail is working properly by executing updates and configuring the server for security and speed. A fast operating server means fast speed-loading of your website on the net, which is important for a high score in being user-friendly. A faster website with fast loading times scores better in search-engine results, as does a reliable server that rarely has downtime. Also, the location of the server is important. uNICqsolution will be more than happy to help you choose the right hosting for your online business!

a reliable managed hosting package from € 15.95!

and web shop managed hosting from € 45


A unique registered domain name is the first basic necessity for your website. Choosing a domain name is important, as is the extension attached to it. We may choose a Cypriot domain, a European domain, an international domain or a special domain such as .info. Together we’ll do profound research which domain is best suited to your business, audience and website. It’s also possible to host multiple sites so they can refer to each other to attract more visits.

.com domain already from € 15.95


In case uNICqsolution creates a website for you in which personal information is requested and stored, a SSL-certificate has recently been required in the EU. uNICqsolution can take care of the application and will build the SSL-certificate into your website as well.

a secure SSL-certificate € 75


Needless to say that uNICqsolution will advise you what hosting package is required. People hate to wait. So the last thing you want is a slow-to-load website. Lots of images in the website means heavier package will be needed. We’ll sort out which package is most appropriate for you. Our reliable webhost takes care of internal backups and maintains the server.

unique personalized mail address


In combination with your domain, uNICqsolution provides you with your personal mail-addresses custom made according to your preference and combined with your registered extension. The basic package includes 3 mail addresses; the webshop-package includes max 10 mail addresses. If needed uNICqsolution will install the mail-set-up on your PC, phone or tablet.

So, even if you know NOTHING about the Web, network, domains, mail, server or websites. Or you just don’t want to spend time on that besides your business affairs, uNICqsolution takes the lead and together we’ll come to an excellent package. Your web shop, website and maintenance are in good hands too, if you let uNICqsolution arrange it for you.

Contact uNICqsolution and we’ll work it all out!