Professional website and solid webhosting arranged, but we are not done yet! A professional website deserves and requires excellent maintenance and service. The website must be continuously available online, updated, not hacked, the SEO needs to be tracked and for sure you want to update and renew the content. This takes time and often turns out to be quite expensive. No time or no knowledge for this complex, technical and time-consuming matter?

service & maintenance package only € 25!


uNICqsolution offers to arrange all of this for you, just subscribe to our service & maintenance package. Weekly, BACKUPS are created, not only internal on the server but also external parked safe, so your website can be restored in case of emergency. UPDATES are taking care of weekly so hacking is almost impossible. Once a month you can ask us to fix a modification concerning the content of your website. We will take a look at the SEO as well, so the website stays highly ranked in search-engines. Lots of changes or a completely new website will be charged separately.

It’s even possible to maintain your complete web shop, including updates regarding your products, special offers and sales. Just ask for a special package and uNICqsolution will create an interesting offer for you. It will give you time to run your business without all fiddling fuss.

uNICqsolution support is here to help


Just in case you still need assistance or you’ve got any questions and need a quick answer: call us, or contact us by mail or WhatsApp. During office hours, you will receive a quick reply. Outside office hours, uNICqsolution will contact you as soon as possible.

So, even if you know NOTHING about websites or the Web. Or you just don’t want to explore all these complex technical issues or don’t want to spend time on that besides your business affairs: uNICqsolution takes the lead. Your web shop, website, webhosting and maintenance are in good hands, if you let uNICqsolution arrange it for you.

Contact uNICqsolution and we’ll work it all out!