Starting up a small business, are you a Start-up, entrepreneur, shopkeeper or even a multinational? Running a restaurant, beach bar, tourist bookings office or renting out villa’s? Based in Paphos, Peyia, Cyprus, Ibiza, Europe or somewhere else around the world? uNICqsolution is ready to meet up.

everything fixed 4 up-to-date and marketing-proof (business) profile

PLAN OF APPROACH: First introduction meeting to review and discuss what is possible, desirable and essential. uNICqsolution helps you to put everything in line, makes a proposal with a challenging offer and from there we’ll START together!

A FIRST BLUEPRINT is being presented. We’ll keep close CONTACT, constantly consulting, discussing, asking your opinion and investigating new ideas, until everything is according to YOUR WISHES. Before you know it, the final website is online, or your social media campaign is being kicked-off! The proper functioning of a professional website is conditioned by a sufficient managed webhosting and requires continuously care and maintenance. Of course uNICqsolution can take care of that for you in a responsible way, so you don’t have to worry about that and you’re able to focus completely untroubled on your business.

After our mission is COMPLETED as agreed, we’ll keep in touch. You're more than welcome to contact us with all your questions. In addition to the necessary maintenance, we'll watch and OBSERVE our results so, if necessary, we’ll introduce innovative ideas. This way your profile will keep UP-2-DATE.

what uNICqsolution stands for:


each company is different; website tailor made, user-friendly and reaches the target group & potential clients


design, optimization, analysis, relocation


1-pager, info graphic, web shop, booking site, blog, portfolio, contact, links social media, video, images, (nearly)everything possible


up-to-date design and trend spotter


website must be readable on PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet and adapt to the various screens


international trade, data traffic and customer approach requires a multilingual multi website and a universal profile


use and edit your own photos & videos or we’ll arrange a professional photo shoot


website is made search engine-SEO-friendly, increasing online search ability and reaching a wide target group


you can write your texts yourself or take advantage of our professional SEO writer


set up your profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. and link to the website


unique registered domain name suitable for company with matching mail address and possibility of forwarding to other domains


professional managed webhosting with appropriate package on secure server at optimal speed


always up-to-date backup, both on the server and external parked


always up-to-date backup, both on the server and external parked


do not give hackers a chance, best optimal security


optimal customer experience and high-ranking in search engines


not only during our project but also after our mission is completed, you can contact us with all your questions


artistic, modern, commercial, style approach & fixed BUSINESS CARD, folder, lettering, etc.


accepting the challenge, we’ll use our international experience to surprise you with a sufficient innovative advice


not completely satisfied with your current website, would you like more visitors, it’s not your style anymore? we’ll screen it thoroughly, analysing the structure, style, user-friendliness and search engine optimization


able to work around the world, already supporting clients in Cyprus (Paphos, Peyia, Coral Bay), Spain (Ibiza) and the Netherlands where we are based (Amersfoort, Utrecht, Amsterdam)


professional website  € 975
managed webhosting from € 15.95 p/m
managed webSHOPhosting from € 45 p/m
.com domain € 15.95 p/yr
secure SSL-certificate € 75 p/yr
service & maintenance package only € 25 p/m


... making your own website and need some help? Feel free to contact us for support, workshop or assistance…

Contact uNICqsolution and we’ll work it all out!